Program Overview

Taught in English, the International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation is a 10-month (three semester) full-time program open to students interested in developing their knowledge and skills in the field of dispute resolution. There is an optional thesis track which extends the program to a second year.  The program is accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Council for Higher Education. In the United States, Tel Aviv University programs participates with the Department of Education’s FFEL Program. 


Designed for passionate students with strong educational backgrounds, significant professional drive, and preferably considerable professional experience, our M.A. offers participants a foundation for addressing conflicts and dealing with their resolution. We offer students the opportunity to engage critically with international relations issues, as well as to apply social and political thought concerning the study of conflict and peace to empirical case-studies.


In 2022, Tel Aviv University and Johns Hopkins SAIS program in Bologna Italy launched the Cooperative Degree Program allowing students to gain two MA degrees in two years. 


Goals and Philosophy

In recent years, the importance of conflict resolution as a subject both of academic research and professional training and employment has increasingly been recognized. This trend is evident in the widespread research being published, in the amount of periodicals devoted to the field, and in the unprecedented profileration of centers and programs for the study and instruction of conflicts and their resolutions both in Israel and abroad. Needless to say in Israel the subject carries exceptional weight due to the country's ongoing conflict with its neighbors and also the multitude of internal disagreements and disputes.


Due to the large number and variety of existing programs in this field, a major dilemma in the process of constructing this program was whether to establish a focused program within a certain discipline, or to develop an interdisciplinary program. We decided upon an approach in which the students are first exposed to the main theoretical perspectives and professionally-oriented principles of conflict resolution, and in the later stages are able to specialize in areas of conflict resolution according to their personal preferences.

As a graduate degree program with an interdisciplinary approach, incoming students are expected to take an active role in their own education. As such, students are given opportunities to provide feedback on the curriculum and the program. Likewise, we expect students to create their own connections between the topics presented and their interests in conflict resolution. The program's lecturers and administrators are at students' disposal for any advice or help they may need.



Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or 80% from all undergraduate and graduate degrees although some exceptions are made. No previous knowledge or experience is required. The cost of the program is US$16,800.  For full information on the application process, click here



The MA runs over the course of three semesters from October to September. Most classes will be given between Monday and Thursday although some specific seminars might require additional hours. Class trips and make up classes are generally scheduled for Sundays. For those interested in writing a thesis, the program can be extended into a second year. 

For more information on the academic calendar at Tel Aviv University, please click here.


Please note that our Program does not offer the option of prolonging one's studies.


For those interested in studying Hebrew and/or Arabic, we recommend coming to Israel before the start of the academic year for intensive Hebrew and Arabic (Ulpan) classes. Please click here for more information on Hebrew classes and here for more information on Arabic classes. 


In addition, both Hebrew and Arabic classes are offered throughout the academic year. For more information, please contact Tel Aviv University International.



The uniqueness of this program lies in its interdisciplinary nature and its emphasis on mixing the theoretical, the practical and the experiential. Students are exposed to legal, psychological, cultural, economic, and political approaches to understanding and solving conflicts. Some topics related specifically to the Middle East, its history, and conflict resolution dynamics will round out the program. Given that our lecturers are both academics and professional practitioners, their first-hand experience in conflict situations informs the material presented in their courses.


For more information on the Curriculum and Courses, please click here.


Fees and Expenses

The cost of tuition is $16,800 for the entire academic year (3 semesters). Tuition includes courses, academic fees, access to campus libraries, academic trips throughout the year, health insurance, and membership in the Student Union.


Students who choose to write a thesis will be charged an additional $5000 for the second year until the end of the Spring Semester. The payment includes the following: access to an advisor or advisors; colloquium meetings; auditing courses as needed; access to university libraries and databases for research; campus fees; health insurance; and membership to the Student Union.  If an additional semester is required, the student will be charged an additional $500. 

Below, please find an estimated cost of living for the duration of the program. Prices vary depending on lifestyle.

Expense On-Campus Housing Off-Campus Housing
Entire Tuition 16,800 USD 16,800 USD
Thesis Semester (optional) 5,000 USD 5,000 USD
Housing & Utilities 650-1150 USD/mo 1000-1500 USD/mo
Living Expenses 600-900 USD/mo 600-900 USD/mo
School Supplies & Books 0-50 USD/mo 0-50 USD/mo
public bus or bike share
40-400 USD/yr 40-400 USD/yr


The Conflict Resolution and Mediation program will offer scholarships to qualified candidates. Additionally, Tel Aviv University International advertises a broad range of internal and external scholarship options. MASA grants are also available to eligible applicants.




“The Conflict Resolution program was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and has greatly shaped my worldview. It introduced me to incredible people from all around the world, exposed me to new perspectives, and taught me to problem solve through a better understanding of others. Featuring diverse courses taught by experts with real world experience, the program offers a first class education to enrich any academic or professional background.”

Matthew Rubin, USA

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