Why Study Conflict Resolution and Mediation

In today’s global market, knowledge is not enough to secure the job we want. Employers look for that right combination of knowledge, skills and experience. The interdisciplinary curriculum of the International MA Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Tel Aviv University combines theory based conflict resolution courses with courses that enhance student's practical skills and in-field experiences. Our theoretical courses, such as Social-Psychological Perspectives on Conflict or Political Aspects of Conflict, provide students with a solid basis in understanding the root causes of conflict. Our skill-oriented courses such as Mediation, Negotiations, Facilitation and Conflict Analysis provide students with the practical expertise needed to resolve conflict.  Additionally, studying in Israel means students are taught by experts in the field who have first-hand knowledge of deep-rooted conflicts and students are able to explore these conflicts directly on their own in what is called “the safest active conflict”.


The background and goals of our students are as varied as their individual stories. Below are six examples by subject of our past students, what lead them to study in the International MA Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and where they are today.  




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